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PK Grills PK99090 Heavy Duty Charcoal Basket

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Lawn & Patio · Portable Kitchen

Item Details
  • Fits original pk grill & smoker and other charcoal grills - helps to minimize ash loss through the vents and makes clean up super easy
  • Good for organizing briquettes, lump charcoal or wood chunks - this basket works with any type of fuel and keeps it organized, together and burning evenly throughout your cook
  • Perfect for indirect cooking - it keeps your heat source contained on one side of your pk
  • Inward Folding handles for easy lift out and clean-up; handles fold out of the way for a perfect fit in the lower chamber of your original pk
  • Heavy duty Steel construction
The heavy duty charcoal basket from PK is built tough just like your PK grill & smoker. These baskets are the perfect compliment to your original PK. They fit perfectly in the lower chamber on your grill & have wide holes for good airflow.
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