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GREENENQI Fast-Clumping Multi-Cat Litter Flushable Litter Unscented and No Dust Pellets

GREENENQI Natural Flushable Unscented Tofu Corn Cat Litter 6.17lbs

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3.6 out of 5 stars · 43 customer reviews


Pet Products · GREENENQI

Item Details
  • 100% NATURAL: All-natural clumping kitty litter is made by tofu corn, environmentally-friendly.
  • SUPER CLUMPING: Rock-solid clumps let you remove the source of odors easily.
  • FLUSHABLE: Flushable cat litter clumps are easy to use just let them soak and dissolve before flushing. The litter destroys urine odors naturally with no chemicals or artificial additives. It is made from plant-based natural ingredients, is biodegradable and can be flushed down the toilet.
  • SUPER ABSORBENCY: 2X more absorbent than clay by volume with effective odor control.
  • DUST-FREE: 99.9% dust-free and uses heavy, non-tracking granules for less mess so you and your cat can breathe easy. And because it doesn't stick to your cat's paws, it won't be tracked throughout your house.
GREENENQI Tofu Cat Litter Description
This is a 100% natural product of cat litter uniquely formulated from tofu. It does not contain any clay or silica, and controls odor naturally without using any deodorants or chemicals. GREENENQI cat litter are specially designed, cat-friendly Tofu Cat Litter that allow urine to pass through to a quickly absorbent odor controlling while leaving solid waste on top for a quick and easy removal.

Tofu Cat Litter Highlights
Hypo-allergenic, 100% natural, toilet friendly, no perfume or dyes.
Super clumping unscented tofu cat litter for the very best in odor control.
Works aggressively to stop odors before they can spread throughout your home.
Strong clumping nature make it easily to clean-up your litter box .
Kitty waste and clumping sand are flushable into toilet or garden as fertilizer.
99.9% dust-free and uses heavy, non-tracking granules for less mess
Super absorbency, 2X more absorbent than clay by volume with effective odor control

Test Methods
About 20ml of urine per time for an adult cat. So we use an injector with 20ml 35'C salt water, injected into the cat litter and observe its clumping effect after 1 minute, then scoop out the clump into 500ml cup of water, to observe whether or not it is disso.ved and will not plug the toilet.

1. Make sure that your litter tray is clean and sanitized.
2. Fill in tofu cat litter with a depth of 2-3 inch(3cm-6cm).
3. Scoop out solid waste and flush the clumps into toilet or garden
4.Fill in new cat litter when necessary

We would like to remind our customers that cat feces can sometimes transmit a disease called toxoplasmosis. Therefore always remember to wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter.
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