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The Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 4-6 (Redemption Thriller Series Box Set Book 2)

The Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 4-6 (Redemption Thriller Series Box Set Book 2)

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eBooks · John W. Mefford

Item Details

Will the attacks on Alex's world ever cease?

By day or night, the tentacles of crime are everywhere.

For some -- those who dare to fight back -- it is inescapable.

From the breeding ground of drug trafficking to the twisted world of a life-long serial killer, Alex puts her life on the line.

But will it be enough?

And will her past haunt her until the very end?

AT Dawn
Greed rules.

But how it takes root could destroy Alex’s world.

The shadow of death envelopes her sleepy seaside hometown.

Can Alex’s family escape the crossfire?

Drug lords have no mercy…spare no one to achieve their sinister goals.

Alex will stop at nothing to blow the crime ring straight to hell.

But will she have to sacrifice her life?

AT Dusk
A little boy makes his first kill—and he likes it.

He is cunning, charming, and without remorse.  

He is a sociopath. As boy turns to man, what lies inside takes root.

Could there be more than one killer?

Alex knows she's being played, but by whom? And for what twisted purpose?

When the cold hand of death touches Alex's family, all bets are off.

It’s a frantic race for Alex to stop a manipulative killer...before the blood bath reaches haunting proportions.

AT Last
Memories do more than haunt. They kill.

Thirty years have passed.

Can Alex ever forget the mother she never really knew?

Alex finally confronts the killer--the same man who just murdered the Boston police chief.  

And what Alex pulls from him shatters her core.

Clinging to a whisper of hope, Alex must out-think and out-duel everyone in her path to right a thirty-year wrong.

Will Alex’s quest to find the truth destroy her life all over again?

This second Redemption Thriller Series Box Set (Alex Troutt books 4-6) has been called "an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride!"

Get the next three Alex Troutt thrillers now!

Redemption Thriller Series
*Suggested to read the books in the following order:
Alex Troutt Thrillers:
Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #1-3)
Alex Troutt Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #4-6)
AT Bay (RTS #1)
AT Large (RTS #2)
AT Once (RTS #3)
AT Dawn (RTS #4)
AT Dusk (RTS #5)
AT Last (RTS #6)

Ivy Nash Thrillers:
Ivy Nash Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #7-9)
Ivy Nash Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #10-12)
IN Defiance (RTS #7)
IN Pursuit (RTS #8)
IN Doubt (RTS #9)
Break IN (RTS #10)
IN Control (RTS #11)
IN The End (RTS #12)

Ozzie Novak Thrillers:
Ozzie Novak Thrillers: Books 1-3 (RTS #13-15)
Ozzie Novak Thrillers: Books 4-6 (RTS #16-18)
ON Edge - RTS #13
Game ON - RTS #14
ON The Rocks - RTS #15
Shame ON You - RTS #16
ON Fire - RTS #17
ON The Run - RTS #18

Alex Troutt Thrillers:
AT Stake - RTS #19
AT Any Cost - RTS #20
Back AT You - RTS #21
AT Every Turn - RTS #22
AT Death's Door - RTS #23
AT Full Tilt - RTS #24

The Scoop
By now you're probably aware that the Alex Troutt thrillers, Ivy Nash thrillers, and the Ozzie Novak thrillers are all under the same Redemption Thriller Series umbrella. Why? Because, ultimately, they all connect -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. How? That's part of the mystery that I'm slowly unveiling throughout the Redemption Thriller Series.

Through each sub-series, characters from different books appear in the other novels. If it adds suspense, intrigue, or even a good laugh, I've included a cross-over character -- it's a lot more fun that way. Plus -- and here's the real kicker -- the final six novels will bring all of the major characters together -- Alex, Ivy, Ozzie. It will be explosive and gut-wrenching…in a way that will leave you breathless.

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