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GOOQ Microsoft Surface Dock, Laptop Docking Station Charger Stand for Microsoft Surface Pro 3/Pro 4

GOOQ Microsoft Surface Dock, Laptop Docking Station Charger Stand for Microsoft Surface Pro 3/Pro 4

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Wireless · GOOQ Inc.

Item Details
  • Work As A Desktop PC: this dock is special designed for Surface Pro 3/4, it can make the surface pro3/pro4 into a PC completely and greatly improve your work productivity.
  • As A Support for Surface Pro3/4: this device is an ideal support which can be adjusted according to your favorite sight view, perfect when you watching videos.
  • Plenty Ports Include: 3x UBS3.0 ,1x UBS2.0; 1x 100M Ethernet port ; 1x 3.5mm Audio port, 1x Power Input, Convenient for you to connect the mouse, keyboard, and more.
  • Charging Station: This dock can supply enough current for your surface and its external devices.
  • Notice: An additional monitor isn't supported.Package: 1 * Microsoft Surface Pro3/Pro4 Dock ;1 * A Male to A Male USB 3.0 Cable ;1 * Pro3/ Pro 4 Charging Cable ;1 * Power Adaptor´╝Ť1 * AC Power Cord. The Pro3/Pro 4 American specifications Adapter: 3.5mm*1.35mm, (smaller than the OEM standard); The Pro3 /Pro4 charging cable interface: 5.5mm * 2.5mm

This multi-function hub solve your trouble that the USB interface of your Surface Pro3/Pro4 is not enough.

Product Specifications:

Brand Name: GOOQ

Item Type: Microsoft Surface Pro3/Pro4 Hub

Applicable Models: Microsoft Surface Pro3/Pro4

Adapter Input Interface Size: 3.5mm * 1.35mm (a little smaller than the original standard)Cable DC Output Interface Size: 5.5mm * 2.5mm)

Input Power: 12V 4A

Output Power: 12V 4A

Ports: One Input Power, One Output Power, One data exchange interface,Three USB 3.0, One USB 2.0, One Audio Output, One Network Interface

Conductive Contact: Gold-plated

Item Material: ABS

Color: Black

Length: Approx. 5.31*3.27* 2.36 In

Iterm Weight: Approx. 16.93OZ


1.Put tablet PC on it, press the top buttons to adjust the placing angle manually

2.Reticle port with high speed at the bottom of station enables your tablet PC to surf on the Internet with more stable network speed.

3.Port for power output makes it available to charge for your Pro3 and Pro4.

4.Three USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0, providing possibilities to use mouse, keyboard and U disk at the same time.

5.Premium port for audio output is equipped.

6.Install audio, network card, USB 3.0 driver for the first time you use.

7.Driver installation: Connect to the charge dock by USB 3.0. After linking to wifi, the tablet will install the driver automatically.

How to Use:

Method 1: After connecting to power source, then connect the USA 3.0 cable to your Surface Pro3/Pro4.

Method 2: When you want to charge your device, please plug the Pro3/Pro4 charging cable.

Read the Instructions in the package

Package includes:

1 * Microsoft Surface Pro3/Pro4 Dock

1 * A Male to A Male USB 3.0 Cable

1 * Pro3 Pro 4 Charging Cable

1 * Power Adaptor

1 * AC Power Cord

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