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Apache Laminating Pouches, Letter Size, 300 Pack, 5 mil

Apache Laminating Pouches, Letter Size, 300 Pack, 5 mil

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4.3 out of 5 stars · 90 customer reviews


Office Product · Apache

Item Details
  • Standard US Letter Size (9x11.5") for (8.5x11") Paper
  • Standard 5 Mil Pouch Thickness
  • Photo Quality - Crystal Clear
  • Rounded Corners and Seamed on one side
  • Ideal for All Apache Hot Laminators
Apache 300 Pack of 5 mil Hot Laminator Pouches

Apache laminator pouches use a proprietary blend of several different types of plastic to provide strength and clarity with a modest amount of UV protection. These pouches are an excellent choice for a variety of documents, including normal paper and thicker materials such as photo paper up to 5 mil thick.

The 5 mil pouches are ideal for laminating standard sheets of paper and do not require the use of a carrier or cover sheet. Documents laminated with 5 mil pouches are thick, stiff, and durable.

The high quality Apache Laminator Pouches produce a crystal clear finish, are not tinted, and are great for photos, school projects, presentation documents, and documents that need preserving. The corners are rounded for design and safety. The lengthwise seam keeps the laminate in place and helps reduce air bubbles.

Apache makes 3 mil and 5 mil pouches that work with all brands of laminators, including Apache's home and professional series laminators. The 3 and 5 mil pouches are not "self-laminating" and must only be used with thermal laminators. For the 3 and 5 mil laminator pouches, search for Apache Laminator pouches.

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