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ToiletTree Products BLEW Razor Blade Dryer, Extends the Life of Your Razor Blades

ToiletTree Products BLEW Razor Blade Dryer, Extends the Life of Your Razor Blades

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4.6 out of 5 stars · 21 customer reviews


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Item Details
  • Stop razor rust before it starts; BLEW is a patented razor dryer that increases the lifespan of a razor and decreases the amount of money you spend on shaving, grooming, and razor blades; 99% of razors fit in BLEW
  • Just plug BLEW in and you're ready to go; an automatic shut off feature lets you drop in your razor and continue with your morning routine; used regularly, BLEW can extend the life of your razor for over 12 months!
  • It's not the act of shaving that dulls razors; water from shaving mixed with salt from skin creates oxidation that causes corrosion and steel blades to become dull, rust, and chip; but now you can end all that and increase your razor's lifespan with this dryer
  • Put your razor in the BLEW Razor Blade Dryer holder after each use to sanitize your razor and prevent it from rusting; a small heated fan is used during the drying process and a UV light helps to sanitize the razor
  • Prevent razor-rusting oxidation with BLEW; the built-in UV indicator light automatically turns on, dries your razor, then turns off as soon as the process is completed; drying improves blade longevity
Tested in an Independent Lab! Our popular BLEW Razor Blade Dryer is a space-saving razor dryer that keeps your razor free from rust and corrosion with daily use. The sleek, Easy-to-Use Compact Design gives your razor a home and Reduces Countertop Clutter.

No more shaving with a dull, rusty blade! The BLEW Razor Blade Dryer dries your wet blade in minutes and Extends a Single Razor's Life at least 12 months.
  • 99% of Razors Fit in BLEW
  • Simply Set Your Razor in the Unit
  • The UV Light Sanitizes the Razor
  • A Small Heated Fan Dries the Razor
  • Unit Turns Off Automatically When Done

When you buy the BLEW Razor Blade Dryer, you'll be able to afford high-end, 5-blade razors because you'll Only Need One Razor Per Year and you'll experience a Smoother Shave Every Day. It keeps your razor products sharp and lasting longer than ever before.
  • Razor Costs Can Add Up Fast
  • Buy Less Razors When You Use BLEW
  • The Average Person Spends Over $200 Per Year on Razor Blades
  • More Than 2 Billion Razors End Up in Landfills Every Year
  • BLEW Saves You Money and Helps the Environment

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Three-Year Warranty to Original Purchaser
  • Customer Service M-F, 9 a.m. - 5 p. m. EST

Order BLEW Razor Blade Dryer today and start Saving Money on Razors. Keep the dryer plugged in and ready to go and you'll have a Dry, Sharp, Smooth, and Fresh Razor to use for many months to come.
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