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Fury Fitness BALANCE BOARD for Active Men & Women, Wobble Balancing Boards for Abs Exercise Equipment, Weight Loss, to Burn Calories, Improve Posture, Physical Therapy & Build Strong Core!

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Sports · Fury Fitness

Item Details
  • BALANCE BOARD WITH HANDLES FOR ACTIVE MEN & WOMEN: Our Fury Fitness Balance Board makes exercising safe and fun. You can use your wobble board on any hard surface and may not even realize you're working out... until you feel your sore muscles the next day. With our high-quality, gripping, flat surface and a nicely-rounded bottom, our advanced balancing board is the key to getting a strong core!
  • MAKE BURNING CALORIES FUN AND EASY! I know what you're thinking, "How is that even possible?" Whether you're perched on our deluxe balance board while you work at your standing desk, or you're busting out one-legged squats, every move will burn extra-calories and help you take in a notch on your belt loop. Get ready to look extra hot for your next vacation!
  • LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU WATCH TV! Are you ready to do something fun and good for your body while you watch your favorite TV show? If so, you will become obsessed with our Fury Fitness Balance Board. Now you can get the best of both worlds with binge watching and getting a rock solid core at the same time! That's the ultimate win-win.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ALL AGES AND FITNESS LEVELS! This "Dad-Bod Destroyer" is the gift that keeps on giving, for years to come. It's time to stand a little taller with better posture. Standing on the balance board, will strengthen your core while preventing injuries and reducing back pain! Buy 2 or more and create the ultimate balance board competition, perfect for families, friends, strangers or your dogs!
  • ARE YOU READY TO JOIN THE BALANCE BOARD REVOLUTION? Bring physical therapy to the comfort of your living room. Regain your balance with physiotherapy exercises centered on the wobble board. Activate your back, core and legs to speed up muscle recovery. As an AMERICAN-BASED company, we fully guarantee our board's performance, and are 100% confident you will become a believer too! Add to Cart and get yours today!


Burn Calories in A Fun and Easy Way

"Using the board also helps with strengthening the core and ankles which is an added benefit for all activities." - David

Multitasking At It's Finest

"Loving this new "toy"! I use it when I'm watching TV, brushing my teeth... great for balance and stretching and working the hips/core." - Lindsay

Physical Therapy in The Comfort of Your Home

"I longer have back or knee pain and standing on this makes it fun and 8 hours goes by without realizing I been standing for the entire day." - Reizhna


✓ Cutout handles for easy transport wherever the board is needed.

✓ The board's 11 layers of birch wood will hold over 500lbs.

✓ While the nonslip grip-tape surface will keep you on top.

✓ The rugged plastic bottom provides a tilt angle of up to 16 degrees but if you're looking for an easier challenge you can use the board on a carpet or rug.

✓ Featuring a big 15.7in (40cm) platform, you'll have no problem finding your balance and later tucking it under your desk.

Look Extra Hot for Your Next Vacation

This wooden wobble board will help you look extra hot for your next vacation. We're betting your significant other won't be able to keep their hands off of you!

We fully guarantee our board's performance, and are 100% confident you will become a believer too! Add to Cart and get yours today!

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