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Scheffland Music Products Scheffland Guitar Capo For Acoustic And Electrics Guitars

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Musical Instruments · Scheffland

Item Details
  • Perfect pressure so your strings will ring loud and clear without buzzing
  • Super speedy delivery so you'll be playing in different tunings in no time
  • Beautiful mettalic blue to make sure it's hard to lose and looks amazing
This is one of scheffland music products' signature products due to its ease of use. Just clamp it on to your prized instrument and let the music begin no fumbling around trying to get the strings to sit properly. It just works best of all, this comes from scheffland music products so you know it'll be at your doorstep delivered promptly. And one thing jason scheff insists on is to have products that are easy to find check out the gorgeous metallic blue color hard to lose this capo is endorsed by touring professional musicians as well as l.A.'S top session musicians. As always, we back our products with incredible guarantees and this one comes with a lifetime no questions asked replacement guarantee.

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