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Repossessed: The Hawker Incorporated Series

Repossessed: The Hawker Incorporated Series

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4.5 out of 5 stars · 125 customer reviews


eBooks · Sandy Parks

Item Details
A reclusive boss. An unemployed pilot. One billionaire in default. When Brazilian gem dealer Maximilian Furst stops making payments on his fifty-million-dollar business jet, “Hawker” Dunlop, owner of a high-end recovery company, sends his newest hire Amelia “Jet” Walczynski to Rio to repossess the aircraft. This ex-military pilot has the perfect skills for infiltrating Furst’s inner circle and flying away the targeted plane. Jet finds the assignment straightforward until she discovers Furst is a sociopath and knows she is after his aircraft. Her promised support team, a Greek lawyer avenging his brother’s death, a con man who sidelines as their scout, and a mechanic who paints her nails to match the country of operation, appear a hindrance rather than help. Jet finds it hard to play nice with her teammates when their private agendas put her life at risk. Yet, the closer she gets to Furst and the plane, the more she and her team will have to rely on each other to complete the repossession.

REPOSSESSED is perfect for fans of adventure thrillers or those who enjoy capers like Leverage, Ocean’s 11, or White Collar. Throw in a strong female lead like Jet, and you’re in for a fast-paced ride with unexpected twists and memorable characters. This first book in the Hawker Incorporated series is a winner of three national awards. Join Jet and her team. Pick up a book today!

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