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Dingo DN-99158 Dental Spirals for Pets

Dingo Mini Dental Spirals, Real Parsley Flavor, 21-Count

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4.4 out of 5 stars · 26 customer reviews


Pet Products · Dingo

Item Details
  • Unique spiral shape aids in cleaning your dog's teeth along with regular chewing action
  • Lasts 60% longer than the leading dental stick treats
  • Helps strengthen teeth with calcium carbonate
  • Helps freshen breath naturally with parsley and peppermint
  • Contains over 50% more protein than leading dental sticks
Mini Dingo Dental Spirals are perfectly sized for your small dog! These tasty treats contain real parsley, peppermint, and calcium carbonate to help clean and freshen breath while your dog enjoys a long-lasting, teeth-cleaning spiral treat! Mini Dingo Dental Spirals last 60% longer than the leading dental stick treats and contain over 50% more protein. The unique spiral shape aids in cleaning your dog’s teeth with regular chewing action.
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