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Vileda Professional 10" Roll-O-Matic Original Galvanized Steel Sponge Roller Mop.

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BISS · Vileda Professional

Item Details
  • Original 4110 Galvanized Steel Roll-O-Matic Sponge Roller Mop
  • Perfect for use especially on walls and ceilings. Also commonly used on floors.
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Handle length is 48"
  • Straight handle allows user to properly use the pull-and-lift technique with both sides of the mop
The self-wringing cleanroom mop! The Vileda Professional Roll-O-Matic mops are the best choice when seeking one mop to apply disinfectant, clean surfaces or absorb spills in all production and controlled environments. Perfect for use with the most popular "pull and lift" technique. The straight head design allows user to flip the mop head after a specific number of strokes for extended use between wrings.
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