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Lottie Doll Biscuit The Beagle Accessory Set

Lottie Doll Biscuit The Beagle Accessory Set

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Toy · Schylling

Item Details
  • Accessory Set includes a dressable Biscuit the Beagle dog figure, dog bag for 02. LOTTIE to carry Biscuit in, Leash, Outfit, dog bed, bone, drinking bowl.
  • Lottie, Finn and Friends are based on nine-year-old children, inspired by real kids and created with childhood in mind.
  • Lottie Dolls are 7 inches (18cm) tall, very portable and easy for little hands to carry around.
  • Award winning doll: With our vision to create dolls that would empower children to be themselves, to be imaginative, adventurous and - most of all - to have fun, to date Lottie Dolls have won 35+ International Awards.
  • (USA) Creative Child Magazine awards 2012 - Seal of Excellence
Lottie is the fashion doll phenomenon from Europe that is taking North America by storm. Nurturing individuality, creativity and imagination through play, Lottie is an innocent, wholesome, age appropriate, real life doll for young girls 3-9. She's a positive role model with a healthy image. She doesn't wear makeup, jewelry, high heels or suggestive clothing. Lottie lets a child be a child. She's perfect because "she's just like me." She's the girl next door, cute, fun, independent and adventurous. Lottie wears wonderful, age appropriate clothes. They are made with great attention to detail and fit well. Dress and undress Lottie with ease, the Velcro fasteners are a breeze to use. Her long, silky smooth hair is easy to comb and style while resisting tangles and knots. She's the perfect size, at 7.5 inches, for small hands. She has moveable arms, bendable knees and can stand on her own two feet. Lottie is the perfect best friend. Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You.
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