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Into the Arms of Madness: A Novel of Suspense

Into the Arms of Madness: A Novel of Suspense

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3.6 out of 5 stars · 73 customer reviews


eBooks · Regina Pacelli

Item Details
What if it appeared that the person you love and thought you knew so well you really didn't know so well at all? In this heart-pounding psychological thriller, a newlywed's unusual obsession surfaces while on honeymoon.

Young newlyweds Todd and Bridget met at a two-hour seminar and took an immediate liking to each other. Smart, caring, and quick-thinking individuals, very much in love, they've been devoted to each other and like two peas in a pod right from the start. But, when Bridget learns bizarre and alarming things about Todd, things that he's kept extremely well-hidden from her until their honeymoon, their idyllic romance begins careening out of control.

Todd has high hopes and wants nothing more than for Bridget to understand and be part of the elaborate fantasy world that has taken over his life.

As Bridget struggles whole-heartedly to understand things and put their future back on track, the events that unfold will put their sanity and love for each other to the ultimate test.

In a struggle between love and madness, which one will prevail?
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