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Making A's in College: What Smart Students Know: The Study-Professor's Guide

Making A's in College: What Smart Students Know: The Study-Professor's Guide

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eBooks · Sandra U. Gibson

Item Details

You Can Succeed in College--Even Make Straight A's

Good grades are too important to leave to chance because your future depends on what you do in college.

It's sobering. But it's true.

Now, with Making A's in College you CAN master new college challenges and even make straight A's.

When you use the practical study tips in this book, you’ll find that college success doesn’t come just from studying harder.

It comes from studying smarter. And Dr. Sandra Gibson shows you exactly how to do it.

Dr. Gibson has spent years as a full-time professor of study skills. She's helped thousands of students succeed through popular workshops, seminars, classes, videos, books and individual help.

So she knows exactly what college students NEED to know--and that’s what’s in this book. Real-world college-success tips for real-world students, whether you're new to college or already there.

College Success Is Like Juggling

Success in college means you have to keep lots of balls in the air at the same time, balancing assignments, classes, study time--and your social life. That's a lot to manage--but you can do it if you know how. And you can even have time to spare!

Truth is, you may not know the secrets to making good grades—you weren't born with this knowledge, were you? So you need a guide like Making A's in College to secrets of making good grades that's very easy to read.

It's packed with proven cutting-edge information, and it shows you a simple, practical system you can use right now--today to make better grades.

Here’s a Sample of the Study Tips You’ll Get From This Book

With study techniques in Making A's in College you'll discover how to quickly:

  • Improve Your Memory

  • Take Great Notes in Class

  • Build Good Concentration

  • Read Better and Remember More

  • Study the Best, Most Effective Way

  • Be Testwise on Objective and Essay Exams

  • Manage Test Anxiety

  • Overcome Procrastination and Control Distractions

  • Get Started on Difficult Projects

  • Get (and Stay) Organized

  • Manage Your Time

  • In this book you’ll also discover:

  • The proven BEST way to remember what you read

  • Useful tips for reading complicated chapters

  • Strategies for remembering all kinds of lists

  • The BEST way to study

  • Real ideas for reducing test anxiety

  • And much more

Plus there's a big bonus section packed with 21 MORE useful tips to build your college success.

And seven high achieving college students reveal their FAVORITE study tips.

Here's the best part: Dr. Gibson’s tips are organized and easy to use. Some study strategies are simple while others are surprisingly counter-intuitive. But they ALL work and they come straight from her extensive experience with today's university students.

Making A’s in College is by a real study-skills expert, not just another freelance writer looking for a book idea. You'll find it easy to read and immediately useful.

A Message from Dr. Sandra Gibson

Whether you’re in college already, just starting out, or returning after years away, you’re probably under a lot of stress. That’s natural, since so much depends on success in college.

I’ve worked with all kinds of students and I’ve discovered that virtually all of them can do better in college by using these smart-study tips and techniques.

I'm sure you will, too.

I'm happy that that this book doesn’t read like a textbook. That’s important because I hope you’ll really use it and profit immediately from what you learn.

I wish you a successful college career, and hope you make straight-A's!

Dr. Sandra Gibson

Scroll up and click the Add to Cart button above to start right now to be sure of your study skills—all for less than the cost of a hamburger!

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