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Gruber's Complete New SAT Guide 2018 (Gruber's Complete Sat Guide)

Gruber's Complete New SAT Guide 2018 (Gruber's Complete Sat Guide)


Book · Gary Gruber (Paperback - Jan 15, 2018)

Item Details
College-bound students are blessed and likely confused by the abundance of available SAT®-prep books. Most are published by big-box corporations that measure their success by market share, return on investment, and other business metrics. The authors tend to be corporate staff and writers-for-hire. The books are sold by size and even weight (really). The approach is familiar: drilling, and more drilling.

This book is different.

GRUBER'S COMPLETE NEW SAT® GUIDE 2018 is the culmination of one man's life's work. Gary Gruber has devoted his life to developing the critical-thinking skills and strategies that have been proven to increase your score. He has given millions of test-takers the tools to solve even the hardest problems in the fastest, easiest ways. For Dr. Gruber, this is not business; it is personal. Here you will find no useless tricks, gimmicks, fake strategies, or untested tips and advice. Master Dr. Gruber's 37 essential strategies (each amply illustrated by SAT®-equivalent examples), perfect your use of them in his two practice tests, and you will increase your score. Guaranteed.*

Gruber's Complete SAT® Study Guide Highlights:
* The World's Shortest New SAT® Practice Test--estimate your score in only 20 questions
* A Complete Diagnostic Test that reveals your strengths and weaknesses
* The 101 most important math questions you need to know how to answer
* 19 easy-to-learn Math Strategies for solving every problem type, breaking it down to its simplest form
* A Mini Math Refresher and a Complete Math Refresher
* 13 Verbal Strategies to sharpen your reading comprehension and vocabulary
* 250 Most Common SAT® Vocabulary Words
* Refreshers to help you master the SAT® basics
* The Gruber Prefix-Root-Suffix List that unlocks the meanings of more than 150,000 words
* Complete practice tests with explanatory answers keyed to the Gruber strategies and basic skills
* Why you got questions wrong and how to get them right
* Exclusive 4-hour study program for the week before the test

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