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At the March for Jesus event (hosted by Patriot Prayer), some ANTIFA members were taunting Patriots and event goers. Funny thing is that as the guys (Patriots) were walking towards them, the...

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Urban Dictionary: antifa
Short for militant leftists, or occasionally far leftists and radical leftists, often used as a generalization of people who commit to acts of violence against those ...
Antifa (United States) - Wikipedia
The Antifa (English: / æ n ˈ t iː f ə / or / ˈ æ n t i ˌ f ɑː /) movement is a conglomeration of autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist groups in the United ...
Anti-fascism - Wikipedia
Antifa movements; Anti-Fascist Bloc; Antifascist Front of Slavs in Hungary; Anti-racism; ... Beating Fascism: Anarchist anti-fascism in theory and practice.
What is Antifa? - CNN
Story highlights. A controversial protest group, known as Antifa, clashed with right-wingers in Charlottesville; Some members employ radical or militant ...
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Articles and videos about Antifa on Fox News
Who are the antifa? - The Washington Post
Modern antifa politics can be traced to resistance to waves of xenophobia and the emergence of white power skinhead culture in Britain in the 1970s and ’80s.
The Rise of Antifa - The Atlantic
Antifa’s activists say they’re battling burgeoning authoritarianism on the American right. Are they fueling it instead?
Antifa: What is it and what does the movement want?
Antifa — short for "anti-fascist" — is the name for loosely affiliated, left-leaning anti-racist groups that monitor and track the activities of local ...
Antifa Protest Movement & the Roots of Left-Wing Political ...
Antifa designates its political opponents as fascists in order to justify opposing them with violence ...
Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement - CNN
Antifa activists told CNN their goal is peace and inclusivity. But often, their methods are violent.