125 Mm Smoothbore Ammunition

The following is a list of ammunition fired by the 125 mm smoothbore gun series used in the T-64, T-72, T-80, M-84, T-90, PT-91, T-14 Armata, and other tanks derived from those designs, as well as the 2A45 Sprut Anti-Tank gun.

125 mm APFSDS-T (TAPNA) is divided sub-caliber armor piercing round designed for a 125 mm smoothbore gun integrated in T-72 and T-8O UD MBT series. The round consists of a sub-caliber projectile...

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2A46 125 mm gun - Wikipedia
Type: Smoothbore tank gun: Place of origin: USSR: Service history; In service: Since 1970: Specifications; Weight: 2A46: 2675 kg. 2A46M: 2400 kg: Length: 2A46: 6350 mm
115 mm, 120 mm & 125 mm Tank Guns - GICHD
The majority of modern tanks are fitted with smoothbore guns, which do not utilise rifled barrels in order to impart spin to projectiles as they are fired (see Annex B).
Tank gun - Wikipedia
In the 1960s smoothbore tank guns were developed by the Soviet Union and later by the experimental US–FRG MBT-70 project. Based on their experience with the gun/missile system of the BMP-1, the Soviets produced the T-64B main battle tank, with an auto-loaded 2A46 125 mm smoothbore high-velocity tank gun, capable of firing APFSDS ammunition as ...
2A29 "Rapira" 100-mm Smoothborne Anti-Tank Gun
Tactical-technical information on Russian 2A29 (MT-12) "Rapira" 100-mm smoothborne anti-tank gun
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Ammunition for Collectors -
Ammunition for Collectors [Note: All ammunition is offered as collector's items only. No guarantee is made concerning its safety or fitness for use in any firearm.
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Arguably one of the best MBT in the world today, the Leopard 2 has been largely improved over the years and is most European countries MBT today.
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Tables of components, dimensions and quantities for loading or reloading particular loads in various calibres of shotgun ammunition (shotshells).
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The M60 (1960) was the main US main battle tank with 15,000 built until the arrival of the disruptive M1 Abrams and was an evolution of the M48.
Bayonets of France
(click to enlarge) Type: Description: Blade Length: Overall Length: Muzzle Ring Diameter. Markings : in. mm. in. mm. in. mm.