10 New Planets

Read the CNET article here - Scientists at NASA's Ames Research Center on June 19 announce the discovery of 219 new planet ...

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NASA Releases Kepler Survey Catalog, Hundreds of New ...
NASA’s Kepler space telescope team has released a mission catalog of planet candidates that introduces 219 new planet candidates, 10 of which are near-Earth size ...
NASA reveals 10 new planets that could have life discovered
In a grand finale of planet-spotting prowess, NASA’s Kepler spacecraft has tracked down 219 new planets outside our solar system — including 10 that ...
Kepler Space Telescope Discovers 10 New Potentially ...
Today, the Kepler space telescope team announced its latest list of discoveries, a total of 219 new candidate exoplanets, ten of which are rocky planets in the so ...
NASA's Kepler reveals 10 new potentially Earth-like planets
NASA announced the latest findings Monday in its hunt for friendly exoplanets, and the haul includes 219 new candidates. Of those, 10 are potentially rocky ...
NASA finds evidence of 10 new Earth-size planets that ...
NASA just announced that they've found 219 potential planets, and of those, 10 are close to the size of Earth and could possibly sustain life.
NASA's Kepler discovers 10 new potentially habitable planets
NASA's Kepler space telescope finds 10 new planets outside our solar system that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially have life on them.
NASA finds evidence of 10 new Earth-sized planets in our ...
NASA has found new evidence of 219 planets outside our Solar System. Ten of those exoplanets appear to be similar to the size of the Earth and orbit their ...
NASA’s Kepler Mission Telescope Discovers 10 New ‘Earth ...
NASA’s Kepler mission telescope has detected 219 exoplanets in our galaxy, including 10 rocky and potentially habitable planets just like Earth, NASA announced ...
NASA just found 10 new Earth-like planets – BGR
The new documentation reveals an impressive 219 new planets, though the vast majority of those aren’t thought to present the kind of climate or ...
Nasa finds 10 new planets that could have water and ...
Nasa revealed on Monday 10 new rocky, Earth-sized planets that could potentially have liquid water and support life....